Fashion Wholesale

Fashion Wholesale

Starting a clothing business is increasingly popular nowadays. With more children born every minute, demand for clothing is always increasing. Despite the mass of clothing shops already in existence, there’s always room for another. Whether you want a market stall, shop or e-commerce website, selling clothing is a good option. Despite the demand for clothing, it is very expensive. This means whilst you might like to have some sort of shop selling clothing, you might think you will struggle to afford stock. Luckily, Raisan Fashion can help you with our range of wholesale clothing.

What is wholesale clothing?

Wholesale clothing is trendy clothing that we can sell to you for a bargain price. Whilst it is clothing that you’ll be able to buy in high street shops, you’ll be able to get it at a fraction of the cost. The advantage over buying the clothing in a store is not only that it is significantly cheaper but you can also buy in bulk for a much better price, saving you money. This is great because it means that you’ll be able to make significant profit on the clothes you buy whilst assuring that you have trendy clothing in your stores.

Who’s Raisan Fashions?

We’re leading clothing wholesalers based in Leeds. We have an excellent reputation locally due to being established and reliable but we also sell to a range of customers nationwide. Raisan Fashions itself has been operating for just over 10 years but our directors have huge experience as they’ve worked in the wholesale clothing industry for more than 35 years now. They’re very aware when it comes to noticing the current trends.

We’re also family-run which is a great feature of any business. That means that we truly care about our customers. Some other wholesale clothing businesses are run by a range of people but we have always kept it as just family so that we stay grounded and assure our customers the best experience every single time. We will work with anybody who holds our core values too whether it’s a start-up business or an established clothing seller.

We predominantly stock babies, children and ladies clothing so if your shop focuses on selling that clothing, our range could be a fantastic option for you. The majority of the items in our online store have come from established, well-known high street retailers. This assures that you’re always going to get the best of the clothing that available right now.

We manage to keep our prices cheaper than the average fashion/clothing retailer as we have relationships with a wide range of different retailers. This means that we supply clothing to suit many people, not just one brand and style. Since we get discounts from our established relationships, we can always assure you that you can get fashionable clothing at an excellent price. When we get a discount, you do too! You’re never going to have any problems when it comes to cost and quality when you’re buying from Raisan Fashions.

Our core values are excellent customer service, competitive prices and quality products. We make sure to treat any customer with the respect that they deserve in a timely manner whilst also assuring that we listen to your needs and provide you with the products that are truly best for your business and your target audience. We also make sure that we’re always offering competitive prices on all of our stock so that you never have to look elsewhere for something cheaper than what you can get with us. We also make sure to check all of our stock when we buy it to make sure that it is the best quality available. We carefully select our stock when we’re buying it so that it’s the current trending products are what you get.