How to succeed as an online clothes wholesaler

Breaking into the clothing industry is a difficult thing to do. Especially if you’re starting your own business as an online clothing retailer or wholesaler you need to make sure that you can succeed. Here’s our tips to help you succeed as an online clothing seller.

Be constantly innovative

As a wholesaler, you’re probably going to be selling clothes from other stores that didn’t take off for them. That can make it hard to be pioneering but with so much competition in the industry it’s important to make sure that you do your most to be innovative. Especially for an online wholesaler, making sure that you are constantly making sure your website is looking its best and keeping up with new ways to enhance your web presence can push you ahead of your competitors.

Always have new stock

Trends come and go all of the time. That means that you’ll often need to buy new stock (and add it to your website!) so that you’re at least on par with the offerings of your competitors if not ahead of them. If you’re not getting sales and you have no idea why, perhaps figure out when you last started selling new stock. If it was any more than 3 months ago, chances are the clothing is just completely out of fashion now. As I previously mentioned, as a wholesaler you’re likely to be selling clothes that chain stores didn’t want to sell anymore. Whilst this means the clothes you buy will remain ‘fresh’ for a month or so, since they’ve previously been available (and discontinued perhaps due to low sales), it’s important that you make sure you’re constantly buying new stock.

Always provide excellent customer service

In any form of online retail, things can often go wrong and people can often be confused. This makes it important that you make sure you’re always providing an excellent customer service to your customers. If you don’t provide them the best service that you can, they might go elsewhere. This is problematic as there’s plenty of competition and once you’ve lost somebody’s service they’re unlikely to come back.

A keen eye for fashion

If you don’t have a clue about fashion, becoming an online clothing retailer is a bizarre decision. Considering the wide range of clothes that you will have to choose between to buy your stock, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right things to help your business succeed. If you simply buy whatever is available, you might end up with boxes of stock that you’re never going to be able to sell. With a keen eye for fashion, you raise your chances of succeeding.

Negotiation skills

To be a businessperson it’s crucial that you have good negotiation skills. Many people will know the unoriginal line ‘there’s no friends in business’ but it’s absolutely true. If you seem naïve to people you will potentially be buying off, they’re not going to give you an excellent deal, they’re going to make as much money as they can make from you. Making sure you hone your negotiation skills gives you the best possible chance of succeeding when it comes to getting the best bargains. As an online retailer, you need to keep your prices competitive – make sure you get the best price for you too!