Raisan Fashions Wholesalers offer a range of baby clothes from ages 0+. From Rompers, to sleepsuits to shorts, Raisan Fashions Wholesalers are stocked with all the necessities and extras.

A few important and main clothing items needed for new-borns are listed below:

Rompers are one of the main popular items for new-borns. They are designed for babies to be comfortable in with no material on the hands or feet to allow a good blood circulation flow. Check out our Baby pink/fuschia Twin Pack Romper at:

Sleepsuits are another important product for the beginning months of your baby. This all-in-one piece is so useful when if your baby wants to play and thereafter ends up falling asleep.

Socks are another necessity. Ensuring your babies’ temperature is perfect is very important. Of course, all areas of the baby’s body are sensitive however, key sensitive areas actually include the head and feet. The feet because that is obviously the part where the baby will feel the ground and will learn how to walk on. Therefore, without going into much detail, socks are very important as keeping the temperature of the baby’s feet is very important. In the same way, the head is also very sensitive, and so ensuring the right temperature of the head and protecting it with a hat is also imperative.

Pull-on pants are also very beneficial. Because it is separate from the top or dress, it allows you to change that particular dirty item of clothing without having to form and assemble a whole new outfit. This is because they have stretchy waistbands that fit easily over your baby’s belly and nappy and expand as he/she grows. It is also hassle-free from when you need to change your baby’s nappy.

Another important Must Have for your special baby is the wearable blankets. These replace traditional blankets and are made out of fleece or cotton, which essentially zips over your baby’s sleepwear to keep your baby warm and cuddly at night. Wearable blankets are recommended more than traditional blankets as it reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and therefore, is an alternative option. However, needing these types of blankets depends on the season your baby was born in and what climate you live in.

Most babies don’t like things being pulled over their head and therefore, to keep your baby warm when going anywhere, buy sweaters and jackets for your baby. This is so it is easy for both you and your baby to wear as you just need to button the front up and you are good to go!